Sunday, October 27, 2013

My proudest video editing - Are you stoned or something, Carolyn?

Yippee!  Would you believe this?

A few months ago, I have edited a video of  Dark shadow starring Chloë Grace Moretz portraying Carolyn Stoddard.
Cos I find her way of acting very interesting and funny. Almost like a "stoned kitty". Seriously Cute.
When I hear these "voices" in my head, I always want to "mould/create" it out of my head.

Now I have 19K views! It was already 17K views when I posted on my fb status. It is safe to say I didn't know the intial 17K viewers.

Pssst... I even have a copycat, starring as her edited video.. Seriously?

Here it is:

Please Turn UP Volume when viewing.
Remember to turn DOWN the volume after viewing.

Woohoo! :-P


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