Sunday, October 27, 2013

My proudest video editing - Are you stoned or something, Carolyn?

Yippee!  Would you believe this?

A few months ago, I have edited a video of  Dark shadow starring Chloë Grace Moretz portraying Carolyn Stoddard.
Cos I find her way of acting very interesting and funny. Almost like a "stoned kitty". Seriously Cute.
When I hear these "voices" in my head, I always want to "mould/create" it out of my head.

Now I have 19K views! It was already 17K views when I posted on my fb status. It is safe to say I didn't know the intial 17K viewers.

Pssst... I even have a copycat, starring as her edited video.. Seriously?

Here it is:

Please Turn UP Volume when viewing.
Remember to turn DOWN the volume after viewing.

Woohoo! :-P


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"I am sorry" chapter

on Monday, May 9, 2011 at 4:22am ·
  • I am sorry ~ It seems although there are a lot of people are not happy with the major party whether online or offline. The truth is there are also lots of Singaporeans still prefer them as the Major Party.
From national calculation, estimated 60.1% of 2,057,690  voters in whole Singapore except for Tanjong Pagar Constituency voted for the major party. The rest goes to opposition parties & 44,714 rejected votes. Well, it seems a lot of Singaporeans are happy with the major party & have made their choice. Perhaps, the fear  is there . Fear of Change or the saying 'too many chiefs spoil the soup'.
I believe in everyone has their rights, it's just that I really feel very sorry that a lot of people out there did not share my view- to have more say in the parliament.
  • I am sorry ~ I am extremely saddened by the fact Mr Chiam See Tong & his wife, Lina Chiam are out.
Mr Chiam really took a huge gamble & lost. Despite the fact he is 76 & had stroke- twice, he still worked hard in his small "office" for his people!
It is really unfortunate that most of the Bishan-Toa Payoh Constituency voters prefer to stay in their comfort zone of voting the major party. Though he has left his own comfort zone, Potong Pasir (He has won six terms on Potong Pasir since 1984) to try to win Bishan-Toa Payoh Constituency GRC and bring in 4 instead of 1 opposition MPs into the Parliament.

I guess there are alot of people thinks that he is too old to handle politic anymore. Does the image of him being held to walk the walking path during the national day comes to your mind? Always wonder how come MM Lee was not helped by his fellow members as well on the same day? He is 87 after all, we should respect all elders & assist them,right? Just me wondering.

Mr Chiam, you may have lost your position as a member of Parliament , but you are a  Hero  with integrity,passion and sincerity that fought for your belief with these obstacles on your path. The well deserved respect that you have earned is priceless & I am pretty sure that some could be even jealous of the respect that the public has for you.
 Read more here on Mr Chiam. Source :

Mr Chiam's "office"
I like Lina Chiam not only because she is Mr Chiam's wife. Though, she did not performed well the A Political Forum on Singapore's Future from CNA. But I guess she was nervous since it was her first time appearing in national TV as a candidate. Remember Sylvia Lim's first speech? I could not even make out a word she said. But now, people are cheering for Sylvia Lim's speech. I would definitely choose her than Ting Pei Ling. With all these campaigns with her husband over the years of elections, I cannot imagine that she will be staying in the ivory tower.
I am sorry that 56.94% of the Bishan-Toa Payoh Constituency did not choose Mr Chiam or his party members. I also feel sorry for Lina's losses of 114 voters which marked Mr Sitoh as a winner. Thankfully, she is still eligible for a seat in the next parliament as a Non-Constituency Member of Parliament depending on her party's decision.

  • I am sorry ~ George Yeo
Like GM Goh has said: Mr Goh said: "What mistake has he made? You can take a minister and criticise him for not delivering on perhaps housing and transport."Like Wong Kan Seng you can say he let Mas Selamat escape. George Yeo, what has he done to deserve this? And he is a core member." Quoted as at
Except for proposed idea of casino. I do find him alright compared to his fellow colleagues mentioned above. It is ironic that their constituency has embraced them with forgiveness & support. Yet, here in Aljunied, we voted you out.
If only...
- there is no GRC, you will not be voted out. I only like you better compared to your team members. But I support & love the opposition party members.
- No comment from MM Lee : "If Aljunied decides to go that way, well Aljunied has five years to live and repent". Repent? We have not SINNED by simply voting against the major party. I understand MM LEE love to call Singapore affectionately as "My Singapore ". But that does not mean the citizens can be mould into robots. Though he stands corrected on his comment how well-integrated Malay-Muslims are in Singapore, there is no official or proper apology from him. He is our Minister Mentor, he should set a good example to be responsible for his words. For example his view on James Gomez's apology. Perhaps, we should view PM Lee's apology in MM Lee's point of view on apology  in this video.
-There are healthy competition in the parliament. With a miserable of only 2 candidates of opposition parties is very hard for their message to get across. It was almost like 1 party show & 2(for show) party.  With PM Lee 's apology just  a few days before election, proven to have competition can be a wake up call.
And Yes! Now with 6 opposition parties members! Not much, but we, Aljunied has made history with an Opposition Party GRC in the parliament. They are not miracle workers but still there are more alternative voices in the Parliament.
I am sorry, George Yeo,  I just do not support your representing party's system.
I am also sorry if this article is unbearable to read due to my gammar etc. But what's the heck? This is Me. These thoughts are just like voices in my head running over & over again...

Friday, May 15, 2009

These small things that fill up the gaps of life, at least mine..

25.02.09 1909 Hrs
Rainbow. It's been a while since I last saw it. Hmm.. 16 yrs ago.. Wow, that makes me feel old now. Near Istana . I am pretty sure the president is having a better view than me since he have a nice biggest garden in Singapore as a background. If you look at carefully, it is actually 2 rainbows. Although, it like it going to fade away...

July' 08 Midnight
Moon & perhaps Planet Venus? Taken this near the playground while Raj & I messing around with the new camera , back then.

170907 1906 Hrs
Took while Geocaching at East Coast near the unfinished Singapore Flyer back then. Today, with the same position, you will see a Big bicycle wheel behind blocking the clouds.

040307 0056Hrs
If you look up, you will realise beautiful things in life is free.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Fallen Lady

Those that heard of her,

Can only envy or hate her.

That left many to lust after for her.

Even sought changing identities just to be seen with her.

For she was the ultimate symbol of majestic glory.

Great abundance & Glowed with Lavish beauty.

She had it all.

Not christened on launching

As she have faith in herself than luck.

She was set to dance on the stage of the deep blue sea

that unpredictable stage for all.

She almost collides with another,

but only to get away with her arrogance.

No one seems to notice her ballet shoes come undone

for now she will be in dire straits should she ever fall.

She could feel tremendous heat building within her

though she sways & glides gracefully against the waves.

Just minutes before the grandfather clock could strike the fifth midnight,

she paused.

She had stomped onto Poseidon's trident

despite repeated warnings, her ears fell deaf.

Blinded by her self-obsession,

believing she can get away, again.

After all she has it all.

Amused by her arrogance,

Poseidon's trident has transformed into an ice dagger.

It pierced through her side.

And slid down her flesh.

She could feel that she was falling apart

despite it's being just a cut.

Though she still tried to hum a melody to keep her in ease.

Once on her right she started to bleed.

She could not believe there was nothing that can keep her through.

Her extravagant luxuries began to weigh her down.

Her ballet shoes are only a burden to her now.

Still flickered & glittered in her grandeur,

she finally broke apart & collapsed.

There is no turning back now.

As Poseidon had embraced her fall

And claimed her as his bride.

In the abyss.

Lays her wrecked body.

Still dressed with her expensive jewelry.

But nothing more than just homes for Poseidon's subordinates, algae & fishes.

Who would have thought,

her maiden journey would be her last dance to her wretched fame.

As Time exchanged hands

We still remember her name.

She is Titanic.

Photo by :Romain Jerome's Titanic DNA Watch

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Taare Zameen Par; Like Stars on Earth

Done By: Me
(Sorry about the jerky images as this is all edited in a my only owned computer - mobile phone)

Taare Zameen Par mean (Like) Like Stars on Earth
Taare Zameen Par; Aka Every child is special is a show that touched my heart deeply. Instead of the usual “Boy meet Girl, fall helplessly in love & live happily ever after” bollywood concept. It felt very real as it could just happen to any of us. It does not even matter if you can predict the ending. It is that kind of show that you want to watch because you want to see & feel the process how main lead character is going through.

The plot goes something like this: Ishaan Awasthi (Starred by Darsheel Safary) an eight years old boy living in his own little imaginary world under the shelter of his family. In his world, he failed to understand everyone else's concept of life - to be the best. Due to his disability to understand & judge properly added with the constant pressure for him to excel. He flunked all his subjects in school. As a result, others viewed him as a lazy boy that trying to be funny. Despite the jeering & scolding from his peers & teachers in school, he is contend to be with his family at home.

However, when he did something unexpected & even manage to convinced his brother, Yohaan aka Dada (starred by Sachet Engineer) to cover for him. Perplexed by Ishaan's behaviour, they believed Ishann is beyond their discipline. His father, Nandkishore Awasthi (starred by Vipin Sharma), a successful and busy executive decided to send him to boarding school. His mother, Maya Awasthi(Tisca Chopra)whom gave up her job so that she can give unconditioned attention to her sons as a housewife also agreed. They believed only by doing so, Ishann will finally shine like his elder brother, Yohaan, a successful scholar and an athlete.

Does it really help when you send a problematic child/person away, to a unfamiliar & competitive place? It is almost as if when you believe that you send a criminal to the prison, the place will transform him to good. Nevertheless, if you watch National Geographic channel on Prison Nation, the truth is the opposite. No doubt, boarding school is not a prison. But to Ishaan, there is no difference. Now, there are no hiding haven for him anymore. Among his competitive peers, he just became a zombie, a living dead with no mind of his own. A zombie which is trapped within four corner of walls with crying wails that everyone will make fun of.

Ironically, it is the place that made him living in limbo is also the place that he finally found his true self after much struggle.

I believed Taare Zameen Par is a movie that can stop most people on the track with their obsessions with the rhythm of life. Made them realise it is not the destination that mattered but the journey that make life worth well. Just like the movie itself. Like I said before, it does not even matter if you can predict the ending. It is that kind of show that you want to watch because you want to see & feel the process how main lead character is going through.

Although, it is a 3 hrs show, you would not feel at any point Taare Zameen Par was produced by an amateur director directing his 1st movie. Aamir Khan. Actor transformed to producer & director. Amole Gupte who is also the Creative Director together with his wife, Deepa Bhatia spent 7 yrs to write down this script. With so much effort that produced such a fruitful result. An extraordinary yet realistic story.

No doubt, this is one of my favourite all time movie.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wind Chimes

Ting - Tink...

Tinkling sound of a wind chime,

When played by the breeze

As it swayed with the wind.


The gentle ringing will be music to your ears,

Bring soothing peace to your mind,

As it remind you there's a Friend blessing for you,

In among the air...

Churrascaria Heart

Poked through by a skewer,

My beating heart is now bind onto the serving plate,

Nothing more but a vulnerable prey waiting to be slaughtered,

Displayed & paraded,

With all prying eyes on me,

As each beat of mine pumped with fear,

Never have I felt so naked & fragile.

With knives poking me over & over again,

Just to test how tender I can be,

Blood finally oozed through me with each whim & fancy cuts,

But no one cares.

All they in awe is the power of the superiority,

Pleased to feel the invisible anguish in the air,

While slicing part & pieces of me,

Never too deep of a cut,

As all novelty ends with a dead heart.

The last moments of a dying heart,

Is then worthy in the name of Jest ...

*Just to clarity churrascaria style obviously don't served food in torture as above. Just looking at the other side of the coin. To each of his/her own interpretation. Animals, cruelty, bullying or even minds of the twisted ones...Up to you.